Manipulate Through Sanctity (Demo)

by Faithful Synthesis

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Our first single released in Fall 2013.


Billion hands clasped in absent candor
While two hands usurp the throne they elect
Destitute of needs with no rancor
While we're seduced by the halo effect

Bias influenced by impressions
Delusive languages by behaviors
All to mislead our convictions
For rationality is our savior

The supernatural and ignorance poisoning our minds
It seems so alluring and inviting
The illusions of knowledge
A perfect tool to control and exploit


The gift of slavery is offered...
By those kings cloaked in friends
By celestial dictatorship
By dramatic rise of charlatans

Manipulation coming from... from sanctity

Making us feel secure through fraudulent fallacies
Through those fake moralities (Hidden monarchies)
Faith will surrender all our minds, the delusion of all kind
Subjective illusions called revelations


They're exemplifying our values
By doing the contrary
Claiming to hold the cures
By condemning free inquiry

Claiming to hold the cures
The cures for false malady

Claiming to hold the cures
Manipulate through sanctity

Argumentum ad populum
Unbalancing the pendulum
Argumentum ad populum
Unbalancing the pendulum


released September 23, 2013
Recorded and engineered at PowerFlame Studios by David McGregor (Eclipse Prophecy, Morbid Prototype)



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Faithful Synthesis Montreal, Québec

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